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MAY 18, 2014:


Hi Everyone, this is just a little update on my life. Still being hacked and illegally monitored 24/7 but that's how it's been for over 6 years now. I'm living with my kids in Citrus Heights, California and super busy. I haven't really given up on trying to stand up for myself until I get some sort of justice but I've been so busy with work and kids that I don't have time to blog like I use to. I am now working at yet another casino in Placerville, California. I liked Graton but it ended up being too far and with gas prices the way they are it was more sensible for me to work closer. I have met a lot of extremely nice co-workers working at this casino.

I have been up against a brick wall trying to get the illegal monitoring and hacking to stop but unless people will ban together with me or get a bunch of people to plaster a link to my website and this story so that it will reach the general public then things will stay stagnant. Regardless, I know it was the readers who saved my life by just reading and I do feel extremely lucky and blessed to be alive and together with my children - So thank you again. UPDATE - July 2014 - Below is a picture of my kids and I from our little vacay to San Francisco last month..

JAN 8, 2014:


Happy New Year Everyone,
This coming March will make it 6 years since this whole ordeal began when a Yahoo contracted Microsoft Engineer Leo Notenboom hacked my Yahoo hosted website in retaliation to a smart-aleck email response I had sent. The group of Yahoo Engineers wanted to teach me a lesson and mutated my website in a way that even when I deleted all files and re-uploaded them using WS-FTP Ipswitch software, the website still looked like a big mess. They didn't realize I was running a visitor IP Address tracking service which was basically a THUMBPRINT of the hacker which along with my innate detective ability I was able to trace the hacker directly to Leo Notenbooms exact location in Yahoo Incs Seattle Location. They weren't worried about me but what made them panic was that prior to me figuring out who hacked my website and that they masked their IP Address location - a Detective Lucas from the Austin Texas Police Dept - Cyber Crimes division contacted me wanting to help. This whole thing probably would have fizzled out but Leo had already contacted his old colleague James E. Harris Jr. from the Sacramento FBI to help him out of a jam. Once I figured that part out - my life was placed in grave danger because they were already ILLEGALLY on my home network trying to get something dirty on me to blackmail me into keeping quiet. When they couldn't find anything because I have always lived a pretty clean life - They actually turned to trying to set me up. Before I knew it - an actual FBI INVESTIGATION was underway by about April 6, 2008 - Even though James E Harris Jr was already on my home network illegally by about March twenty something. All of a sudden around April 6, 2008 there were all kinds of white trucks all over my neighborhood and in front of my home, with some sort of official govt decals on the side. Not too long after when I learned how to see who was connected to my home network I found an IP Address which traced to the NAVAL OCEANIC COMMAND CENTER - which matched up with those trucks. I realized that Leo and Jim Harris Jr had an official FBI investigation started upon me based on an ANONYMOUS TIP. I have an amazing intuitive ability and literally could sense and spot out every single FBI agent that was tailing me. The train station in Washington when I was leaving my familys house, church, etc etc. - To cover myself - I called the FBI and actually was set up to speak with James E. Harris Jr. - It was then that I realized he was the one helping Leo and the investigation was all in attempts to set me up, but because I reported the hacking of my home network and my suspicions about an anonymous tip - they couldn't really set me up and make it fly. I intuitively knew just by speaking to Jim that he was illegally investigating me and monitoring my life. It was probably within a day or two after I spoke with him at the Sacramento Main FBI location that they MESSED UP and forgot to flip a switch while illegally monitoring my AT&T home phone calls and I have a recording that you can actually hear Jim Harris Jr speaking to someone else about a phone call my husband at the time said he left in a voicemail - only I never heard his message. Instead I heard Jim Harris Jr. repeating what my ex said he left in a voicemail to another agent or whoever Jim was speaking to. When I heard Jim's convo on my voicemail - I knew it was a slip up and of course I knew they were ILLEGALLY intercepting our phone calls and the way he was talking also confirmed my suspicions that they were trying to set me up. So to let them know that I knew .. I played the accidental voicemail over and over and over and over again. Because he knew he was caught and I had also recorded it - NOBODY WANTED to go to jail and a murder hit was then placed on my head.

Please read all of the other pages on my website to better understand how we survived that horrible ordeal and the dangerous part of this true story that transpired back in 2008 and 2009. Anyways as a current update I'm still illegally monitored EVERYDAY in ALL aspects. Phone, internet and physical locations at all times. In this past year SEVERAL of my blogs have been DELETED by My Captors - the engineers to keep the readers from reading the intricate details of what my kids and I had to endure. The most important one was my MySpace - The Myspace blog had daily accounts of me blogging to save my life. Detailed accounts of when actual attempts were being made and people were being sent to my home so I would blog on MySpace the license plate #'s etc and the attemptor would get the heads up by My Captors and scurry out of the neighborhood. Look at the link below - MySpace left pretty much NOTHING to my blog postings which dated back to January 21, 2009 when cops were once again at my house in an attempt to eliminate me because I had just began blogging and spilling the beans of what Local law enforcement had been up to for months and needless to say - THEY WERE NOT HAPPY that I was tattle-taling and not realizing a neighborhood kid was still up in the tree house after I screamed for all 3 of my kids to get in because I saw the cops coming in the camera monitors. That classmate of my 11 year old son actually witnessed the Cops trying to illegally enter our home with the Key that was made by James E. Harris Jr during his illegal FBI investigation. The child was afraid the cops were going to do something horrible so he began hammering on the tree house the kids were building. He said the one officer said "You didn't run in the house?" He didn't have to because he wasn't my kid but he was one MANY people that God used as an ANGEL to be at the right place at the right time to protect us. Below is the link to my MySpace which was a wealth of detailed accounts from the time actual attempts to eliminate me were taking place, but as you can see there, MYSPACE agreed to help out in keeping the PROOF from the public and pretty much gutted my entire blog which use to have tons and tons of posts, pictures, videos etc:


I am blessed and lucky to be alive as well as all of my children. I am still being hacked and my life illegally monitored 24/7. Of course still haven't received any justice because although many people in our govt and media are fully aware of this story - The media is banned for fear of their lives to speak about this true story. An example to the media of what lengths the govt will go to in order to stop them if they defy the govt's orders is RONNI CHASEN who WAS about to publicize what she knew about this COVER UP. The picture below is from when My Captors slipped up and let me see that EOnline - Entertainment News chose to follow my Twitter account and it depicts out of Thousands they only follow a fraction and I am one of them. I will let the readers make their own conclusion as to WHY out of thousands that a media entity chose me as one that they do actually follow. It's not only Eonline, there are several well known govt officials and politicians who sought out my Twitter and followed me. I have never really been into politics so I can only presume it's because they know what I know - That I am telling the truth. Again, many well known people know about this but are banned from speaking publicly. If you ever wonder if I am telling the truth then you should check out my Youtube user name MsKoryBaker - I have a video of me contacting Yahoo and giving them links to my blog and all of my grave accusations. I already know they know about my blogs because I have been hacked by them since 2008- but for the publics sake I made that video at least a year or so ago. You can even contact the CEO of Yahoo and ask them why do they not legally have me take my blogs and my accusations down with a CEASE AND DESIST order? They know they can't and there is only one reason that would be the case - because Yahoo and all of My Captors know this is all true. Anyways, The picture Eonline Twitter pictures PROVING we are both "FOLLOWING EACH OTHER" should NOT show UPSIDE DOWN on your laptop, mobile phone, Iphone etc. If it does like I see it on my Iphone it is because they don't want readers to CLEARLY and EASILY see the truth that matches up with what I am saying about Media being banned from speaking even thought they know the truth. If it does show upside down, feel free to SAVE the IMAGE and rotate it in your Iphone Photo edit section or what have you.

As for my personal life, I currently still live in Citrus Heights, California. I recently quit working at Thunder Valley Casino Resort and opted for a job at a BRAND NEW CASINO RESORT that opened in Rohnert Park, California. Although it is about a 1 hr 40 minute commute each way I am very happy working there. It is a beautiful Vegas style casino and a great company. It's full time with amazing benefits and most of all I am treated very fair. No weirdo stuff going on and I was able to change to the SWING SHIFT which I wanted for so long. I currently work as a Table Games Dealer 10PM-6AM. I am meeting a lot of very nice co-workers and people. As far as my situation, I haven't had any sort of resolution whatsoever because of My Captors being allowed to DELETE all of the FREE blogs Such as MySpace, Technorati, Digg, etc. Twitter hacks me and DELETES my followers as they follow and I have no control because they BLOCK my followers instantly before I even get a chance to follow back. So once again Thank You Everyone for reading and the only way I can get around all of the hacking and cover up is if the readers spread the story and a link to my website for me. My current phone number is (916)757-8748 and email address is korybaker@comcast.net if you want to drop me a text or send me an email. I don't really know what the traffic to my website or Twitter is etc because I am ALWAYS HACKED and RARELY recieve feedback or correspondence. I wish everyone a WONDERFUL 2014. Sincerely, Kory Baker

MAY 7, 2013:


It has now been over 5 yrs since the day Yahoo hacked my website not realizing that I was running an invisible IP ADDRESS tracking service which PROVED it was them. To read about all of the details of the murder attempts, kidnapping attempts, set up attempts and actual murders of people like Ronni Chasen etc etc that has happened as a result of that day in 2008 please read the rest of my website as well as my other blogs by doing a search on Kory Baker @google
As for where things stand currently - is basically I am not worried about anything fatal happening because the attempts of murder etc seemed to have ceased back in 2009 as soon as I was able to open an account @twitter -
I am very blessed that God protected my children and I through all of the terror in 2008/2009 and also got us out of that mess by giving us all of the readers who by reading and being concerned made murdering me no longer an option for My Captors. Still, to this day My Captors are committing FEDERAL HACKING AND PRIVACY INVASION CRIMES upon me daily in order to keep the story from reaching the general public. Many higher ups in our govt. are FULLY AWARE of this scandal and the murders that have taken place because of the cover up including our President BARACK OBAMA @BarackObama - I realize that there are many govt officials who would be named if the truth were to officially come out, so I have even asked Barack Obama to at least make them STOP HACKING me in order to level the field a little so I can get them to stop myself since he won't do the right thing - and he won't even do at least that. Therefore, all of these people FREELY commit these federal crimes including watching my every move in my home etc. I have not received an ounce of justice or compensation for any of the horror that we went through in 2008 and 2009 not to mention for any of the federal crimes that are still being allowed by President Obama. When I see the intro to America's Most Wanted @amw where he is speaking so serious and saying something like Not stopping until the American citizens receive justice, and knowing what I know and that he knows about this situation - I get a sick feeling in my stomach and think about what kind of Mickey Mouse operation is being run here.
My Captors have basically let me know that they will not stop until I have sex with one of them so we are at an impasse because that's just not going to be the way this ends. They are higher than a kite on crack if they think it is - because it's not. NOT EVER. That is why I am requesting the readers to do whatever you can to spread this story. Maybe putting a link to this website on your website, @facebook , or whatever you think may help. More and more people learning about this is the ONLY thing that will make My Captors squirm. I have tons and tons of hacking proof, pictures, videos, etc., posted all over the Internet here and on other blogs to back up what I am saying.

As for how things are for me in my life right now - aside from the hacking and privacy invasion crimes and all the repercussions of that, I am doing great. I have been working for an outstanding company at a Four Diamond Casino Resort in Lincoln, California 95648 since June of 2010 as a TABLE GAMES DEALER. I have been working the Graveyard shift 2AM-10AM but have been promised to go on SWING SHIFT any time now so I am happy and looking forward to that. Despite the poor credit issues and having our HOME STOLEN I was FINALLY able to rent a nice 3 bedroom 2 bathroom duplex because of an amazing and caring couple who actually cared more about a human being than a credit report and went with their humanly instinct instead of how they could use someone. My kids and I now live in CITRUS HEIGHTS, CALIFORNIA 95610 only about 20 minutes from my job.

I want to thank all of the readers once again for reading as well as all of your help in spreading this true story that not one of the entities I name have tried to legally make me take down because they know they can't because it is true. You have no idea how much I appreciate you reading and saving my life back in 2009 and for your continued support in helping me to achieve justice. If you have any questions please call or text me 916-757-8748 or email korybaker@comcast.net - I believe it is harder for the engineers to block text messages than phone calls or emails. You can also View my account @facebook - http://www.facebook.com/korybaker26 - everything was and still should be set to EVERYONE can view.

I began blogging to save my life on January 21, 2009 as you will read below. I initially started spilling the beans on MySpace


Every time My Captors (law enforcement and the engineers) came up with a new plan and attempt to eliminate me to ensure they wouldn't go to jail, I would blog about it on MySpace and put a link to that blog on my local Sacramento Craigslist in the Rants & Raves section. People were definitely reading and concerned because the literally RELENTLESS attempts of breakins to my home etc slowed way down. My Captors had to be more careful whereas prior to me standing up for myself - nobody knew what was really going on. Still with Law Enforcement involved My Captors were pretty confident they could make it look and work in a court of law with judges etc in their back pocket. In May of 2009 I was able to finally open a Twitter account and I guess too many educated people in the right positions were seeing my story because the Attempts to murder me or my son to frame me for it came to a screeching halt. They then began yet another ILLEGAL GOVT INVESTIGATION in So. California Ventura County - where I grew up, to try to dig up anything to either set me up or blackmail me into keeping quiet. I am not perfect but I have always been an overall good person so that really didn't work for them either. If you remember the news back in the summer of 2009 you might remember all of the reports of Twitter going offline (a supposed hack). It wasn't really a HACK that is why they never "caught" the supposed hacker of such big internet failure. In a normal breach in security of that magnitude a company would have stopped at nothing to find the culprit so as to make sure it never happened again. Twitter was purposely being taken down every time I Tweeted to keep the many interested readers from receiving my updates. My Captors were able to fix that problem by hacking each one of my accounts and putting me on a non-mainstream url address for Twitter etc. For instance my Tinker address changed from http://www.tinker.com/KoryBaker262626
- When I logged into Tinker I would be auto-forwarded to the FAKE ADDRESS. Anything I wrote NEVER AGAIN turned up on the REAL TINKER. This happened on Twitter, MySpace, Google, Youtube etc. It is STILL HAPPENING. If you click on my Youtube link from a Google Search of "Kory Baker" and then look up at the address bar you will notice a WEIRDO # sign added. Many things like that. As of late, in order to keep this Murder Scandal from reaching the general public the Companies helping have just FLAT OUT DELETED my blogs. If this isn't all true - how coincidental is it that recently these four blogs have been DELETED:

Kory Baker Twitter RSS FEED DELETED

So basically, where this all stands right now is that people have been murdered including a Directv employee from the Office of the President in Greenwood Village, Colorado in March of 2010 because he had information to back up that Directv turned over information to local law enforcement and nothing was ever done. In October of 2008 My Captors got caught by Directv hacking my home network at 9538 Tonkin Dr. in Orangevale, California. In the copy and paste from that time you can tell that I initially thought it was AT&T who caught My Captors. That is partially true because it was an AT&T Tech that ran the diagnostic of my laptop which said I was using a 2Wire modem when in fact I was still using the original SpeedStream DSL modem SBC Global issued me in the beginning. What I figured out later was that My Captors set up an ILLEGAL DIRECTV INTERNET connection on my Directv Satellite TV account #9399993 and that is how they were monitoring me so long without getting caught. The AT&T tech and their security were the ones who saw that it was an ILLEGAL modem linked and turned their knowledge over to Directv who moved aggressively and swiftly to catch the hackers unbeknownst to them that Law enforcement and Yahoo Engineers were involved in the hacking of my home network. Despite the fact that My Captors stole our home with FAKE TITLE PAPERS etc, I figured out EVERYTHING right before I was ILLEGALLY EVICTED when I noticed a CATV WIRE connected to my DIRECTV SATELLITE RECEIVER. It sparked my memory of My Captors telling me that "CATV" caught them and for me to stay off my computer. I thought they were joking and told them "You know I don't have Cable Tv" . When the MURDER HIT AND SET UP ATTEMPTS all began a few days later after they told me they were caught I realized they weren't kidding but until I found the CATV WIRE before I moved I had thought it was AT&T who was going after them. It all makes sense now doesn't it? Why the ILLEGAL FORECLOSURE and Eviction. To get rid of the evidence but it was too late because I did notice and they didn't expect me to. They thought stealing my home and forcing me out was all they needed to do and it would have been if I hadn't noticed and put all the pieces together. Unfortunately, a Directv empoyee is dead now. I have tweeted this many a time @directv on Twitter and why they keep silent is beyond me. Maybe one of their employees was involved in the unauthorized connection on my account. That is the only thing I can think of as to why they wouldn't care about a murder of one of their own. Anyway the account was linked to my old phone number 916-989-2283 and under Directv.com acct #9399993 . Directv was unaware that turning the case over to local law enforcement for further investigation and prosecution would put my life in grave danger. By the end of October of 2008 the second MURDER HIT and set up plans were in action. I lived a complete nightmare trying to survive with nobody helping my children and I and the few that did were eliminated. Ronni Chasen was also murdered because she was in contact with an old co-worker of mine LANCE BAXLEY just a few hours before her murder and was about to go public with what she knew. There are tons of MEDIA that are fully aware of this Murder Scandal but do not want to end up like Ronni Chasen. - So basically My Captors all have attempted to murder me, my child , stole our home and many other things as described on my blog - and have gotten away with everything because they are HACKING ME and ILLEGALLY MONITORING every aspect of my life. Please pass this story along in a chain email to anyone you can and add a link to my website to your address or facebook or blog. I will never have a resolution without the readers help because as you can see by all of my DELETED blogs and all of the relentless hacking as shown also on my Kory Baker YOUTUBE . I have no law enforcement to turn to because of their involvement in the beginning so even though I reported the hacking of my computer and phone to the FCC etc. I never hear a reply. The engineers all know that so they hack me without a care in the world that they are breaking the law. The only way they will stop is if the readers get this story out there. They will only worry if too many people are hearing about this story and that is why they hack me 24/7. Thank you everyone for reading and for all of your help. Sincerely, Kory

Below is exactly what I wrote on MySpace when I began blogging about how this began and what had happened since March of 2008

SEPTEMBER 9, 2008:

How The YAHOO INC. / SACRAMENTO FBI Murder Scandal All Began In March 2008

I am a hostage in my own home. I have been stalked and my cell phones, home phone and computer have all been illegally monitored, there is an illegal tracking device on my van, I get condoms left in my locked van even with the alarm set, I woke up one day to caution tape tied to my van and covering the entire area of my home, my life has been threatened as well as the lives of my children since March of 2008 when a very well known Yahoo engineer hacked up my website because he didn't like an e-mail response I had sent regarding a website I was building and Yahoo was hosting. He didn't know I was running Sitemeter which showed his IP address. So then he panicked when I began working on it with a detective (DET. LUCAS) out of the Austin Texas Police Dept Cyber Division. before I figured out he had changed his ip-address location. Next thing you know he contacts his buddy from the Sacramento FBI and they begin an illegal investigation on me based on what they both will call an "anonymous" tip. I figured everything out when I caught the FBI agent illegally intercepting a voicemail of mine on my land line and put all the pieces to the weird things that were happening together and that's when they put a hit out on my head. My family thought I was bonkers and lied to the social worker who then had me committed to a Heritage Oaks Hospital. Dr. Sugdenthe first doctor asked me what was I doing there "we're not the police". I told him I was told I was going to a safehouse. He then said "Do you have anyone who can help you?" I said a mother from my children's school gave me the number for a guy that use to investigate crooked FBI agents. He said "I will tell the nurse to let you get it out" I called Ron Koehler but apparently he had the flu he also stated he had been out of the FBI for 30 years. There was a "Caller Id" from his phone number on our home phone from that date but I never heard back from him. Dr. Sugden passed me to Dr. Lin (the forensic psychiatrist) who knew I wasn't nuts and made a deal with me that once I jumped through all of his hoops to rule everything out because I was already there and in order to present it to the authorities so there would be no doubt - that I took the medicine and still knew what I knew.. got an MRI showing no tumor etc. etc. he was going to find out the proper authorities to report the crimes committed. But even though I passed all of the tests with flying colors and all of the staff kept wondering what I was doing in the hospital in the first place.. Dr. Lin reneged on our deal because who was going to pay the $40,000 hospital bill? I am thinking if my insurance company - PACIFICARE - knew all the hairy details and that my friend has tons of the proof in her safety deposit box.. they would consider it insurance fraud. So basically because I love my 3 kids more than anything ... I can't report this crime. So to all my so called friends in No. Cal. who treat me like I am nuts and avoid me like the plague.. I might add I am suing the hospital for defamation of character. To my family especially my know it all brothers in Washington.. thanks for almost letting me get "whathaveyou"ed. My oldest brother Danny is only a physicians assistant - but he has a confidence problem and that is how this whole thing turned into a medical issue instead of my family being there for me during the most horrendous time of my life. He came down from Washington where my family resides -coincidentally the same area as the Yahoo Engineer. I asked him to stay just one day and see everything weird that was going on but he wouldn't because he was already on a mission to "fix me". I mean how many pats on the back would you get for being able to "fix" your own sister? Wow.. he would have been a hero if he could have closed the deal. But because I am not nuts I threw his plans off and told him the truth that he was turning this into a medical issue because of his need to save the world. Needless to say he was extremely offended and for the rest of this ongoing ordeal I have had no family support because he is the wannabe Dr. He should be thanking God right now because if it wasn't for him - he would have to explain to his niece and nephews how his need for approval was the reason they were motherless. To the hand-full of friends who did show faith in me that nothing in the world could make me cave or be weak-minded for my kids enough to go off the deep end - including my current new doctor who is going to help clear my name and didn't treat me like I was a freak or put me on any unnecessary medicine and didn't have any other agenda and showed compassion for what I have just survived.. Thank you. To my kids, I am sorry for the rumors at school and that without checking into anything I said people just jumped to their own conclusions - but I am still alive for you (and that's all that matters to me) despite the attempts on my life including the one at Louis Pasteur Middle School baseball field when I looked up just in time while the hit-man was about to pull his gun out of his backpack until he realized my video camera was right on him. I can handle all of the judgemental-ness and not being able to report the crimes to clear my name because you 3 are worth it. Now I can't volunteer in your classes or go on field trips with you because Dr. Lin decided to be unethical and basically an accessory to all of this but at least I will be there for you when you get home. And Dr. Lin if you deny anything of the fact that I not once had anything but exemplary behavior during my 5 week stay - because I knew I was safe in there and believed you when we shook on the deal - then why don't you sue me? Better yet.. let's both go down and have a lie detector test done together and see who passes and who doesn't about our agreement and things you said - Like you were going home one weekend to research who the proper entity to report the crime to when there is an FBI agent involved? I will be happy to take the test. Not once did I think I was Jesus or say I had been sent by the messiah, not once did I say anyone was in there to get me. And to refresh your memory I didn't say it was the FBI (aside from the 2-3 week long false investigation) .. I said it was "A FBI". Not once did I have any type of emotional outburst or breakdown. I just joked around with people and staff trying to make the best a bad situation but looking forward to having it resolved before I left the hospital. I could have left after 3 days but for 5 weeks I kept waiving my right to leave because I trusted that you would keep your promise to me. Towards the end when it began looking like you weren't going to keep your promise I said "don't worry I am not going to sue you or the hospital". I promise on my childrens' lives that your exact response was .. "Well thank you - I appreciate that." - When I said that it was only because I had NO idea in this world that you were going to lie and put a false diagnosis on my discharge papers. Nothing of my behavior was anything typical of someone who you say is delusional. And normally, I would think you would verify anything before you can write down a false diagnosis on my discharge papers just to pay your hospital bill. Funny how you didn't mention anything of the sort about any disorder and the first time I heard of it was on the discharge papers as I was leaving and right after you told me that you were sorry it didn't go the way that I wanted it to by reporting it but that you would think they both would be thinking that I have been in there for so long that nobody would believe me and they would leave me alone. I hope your measly 40k was worth slamming my name through the mud and putting me through more humiliation than you could ever imagine because everyone trusts the professional right? So anyway kids, when you get older I will show you the mountains of proof that I have and you will know that the only thing that was wrong was that I was fighting for my life with absolutely no family support and you will also realize just how much I wanted to be the one there for you every day of your lives. So in a NUT shell.. I took on the FBI, Yahoo inc,(so to speak) all by myself and survived and if anything happens to me accident or otherwise Dr. Lin and quite a few others know all the hairy details of who and when and why.

JANUARY 21, 2009:


I was informed by the FBI agent as well as the Yahoo Inc. Engineer that apparently AT&T finally woke up and realized my home network had been being hacked since MARCH 2008. They told me to stay off of the computer or AT&T would get a glimpse of the bigger picture of what has been transpiring all of these months. Things like Yahoo Incs involvement etc. At first I didn't believe them but the very next day the guy that was with the guy who was about to snipe me at my sons baseball game last May at Louis Pasteur school (on Elm St) was driving right behind me. So immediately I realized they were telling the truth and not just messing with me. Of course I wasn't going to get on my computer and still the day after that I believe I almost walked into a set-up when I arrived home. There was a guy waiting in his car parked down the street staring at me. I was reluctant to go in and went to get the neighbor first. When I was about to pull up there were 3 sheriffs in uniform walking in front of my home. What was scary was that one of them was one of the crooked sheriffs who was in my home last May and refused to take a report. I believe I forgot to mention previously that the FBI agent has tons and tons of Sacramento County Sheriffs who have been helping him to cover up his crimes against me and she was one of them. I have tried to report him 6 times now and on all accounts to different sheriffs I have been denied my right to have a report taken. If I can recall correctly at one point in the past 10 months or so the FBI agent mentioned that he was from a family of law enforcement. So anyway.. since there is a tracking device on my van the 3 sheriffs got the heads up that I was bringing company home and they all scurried out of the neighborhood. It got even worse. I have not been able to leave my home since November 15th when I caught a car pointing a gun at my van with my 9 year old daughter in the car as well as her teen-aged friend on video. I have had to pay someone $20 a week to take my children to and from school. Since that time my kids and I have been terrorized by these 2 guys and their friends, the Sac County sheriffs, and all of their creepy friends who are so easily willing to "what have you" a mother of 3. They have tried to "what have you" me or kidnap my kids pretty much on a daily basis for the past 2 months straight. If you were to secretly watch the activity around my home and the people that park at the school turnaround area across the street and down Lake Natoma and Tonkin drive you would be amazed at all of the creepy people they send. Many times they send people pretending to have children they are waiting for across the street. When the plan is thwarted the person will have to wait 15 or 20 minutes until someone can drop their child or someones else's child off on the other side of the school. Several people and men have been caught trying to sneak through our backyard on the left side of our home because there is a culdesac. There are numerous vehicles that have been caught on video with no front or back license plate parked outside or on the side of our home. Because I haven't been out of my home they appeared to have tried to kidnap my kids but especially my oldest for some reason. I have tons of videos and pictures of all of the thugs they have sent. On Dec. 13th they sent a guy posing as an electrician to "whathaveyou" me who tried to enter my home with the 2 keys the FBI agent had professionally made to my home last spring. I have video of him with the keys in his hands as he was about to use them, luckily I had inside door locks and the neighbor was home. What proves the Sac County sheriffs involvement is that we have ADT now and with my car alarm blaring this guy was so bold as to head around to the backyard which shows that he had to know either the sheriffs would not respond to the ADT call or that a cover up to his crimes would be made. Aside from those 2 videos I have other videos of guns pointed towards my home in hopes that they could get a good shot at me. I can't even convey the fear of living like this and knowing there is no safety net from the sheriffs or anyone. I have absolutely no criminal history and yet the sheriffs have been to my home about 7 or 8 times since AT&T caught on. I got so fearful of a set-up or that they were trying to come over and shoot me and then try to claim I was crazy that I had to file a complaint with the Sheriffs Internal Affairs so it would be publicly recorded that I knew that was a possibility for all of their unwarranted visits. I have spoken to someone who claimed to be the District Attorney and said his name was Rich Allen and he couldn't help. He said he didn't understand why I called the District Attorney's office. They can't help. He said normally if someone has someone trying to break-in or points a gun at you.. you call the police. I thought that was odd that he kept saying that and I kept repeating ... I can't because the sheriffs are involved. I said there was caution tape tied to my van and he said "wow your neighbors must really not like you" and I said it isn't my neighbors I never had this problem before March 2008. Again he said the next time someone does something then call the sheriffs - so then I said.. wait a minute.. why are we sitting here focusing on the people the FBI keeps sending? It was strange to me that he kept avoiding anything that pertained to the guy who was the reason behind all of this terror my children and I were going through. Whoever the guy from the DA's office that called .. if they really did was obviously a friend of the FBI guy. I left a message for Dr. Lin to step up and at least tell my family the truth but he never did. Obviously if I have videos of guns pointed at me and attempted break-ins, and AT&T caught on ..then clearly I wasn't delusional. I have no one in this area that is willing to help my children and I. It makes me sad that supposed professionals don't care if 3 children are left motherless. I didn't name specific sheriffs in the complaint although I have names of a few as well as pictures of law enforcement in their personal vehicles constantly driving by my home to intimidate me. I have pictures of a spy-camera-listening van that was parked outside my home last spring and then started up again after AT&T caught on. Probably to view who comes and goes to my house as well as if I am trying to sneak out in someone else's vehicle. The problem with AT&T catching on is that they may know about the hacking but they don't know about the prior or current attempts on my life and also that if they forwarded anything to the sheriffs dept nothing will be done. They also aren't aware that the FBI guy had been in my home last spring and had my phone lines re-wired to someone else's line and that a search on my phone number shows a result that my phone number and address is now a residential location in Folsom. My phone number is 916-989-2283 and I live on Tonkin Dr. in Orangevale, Ca.95662. The phone number search also indicates that the phone number owner address history has 3 addresses in Orangevale, 2 in Sacramento and 1 in Santa Cruz. We have never even lived in Folsom or Santa Cruz so it has to be someone else who is in control of the account. If anyone knows how to help or can contact someone that can help me please do as I have run into brick wall after brick wall. The FBI guy is so connected that nobody will help. It makes me wonder why so many people are at his fingertips. Please help my children and I. I just got back on the internet since they have been trying to "whathaveyou" me anyway but still they are 100 percent all over my beeswax. They are network and computer wizards and have hacked into every single account I have, myspace, Ebay, At&t, Bank of America, T-Mobile... everything. For instance when I initially set up my myspace I tried to "request a friend" from my friend Genny. She accepted and myspace sent me an e-mail stating my friend request had been accepted yet look at my friends..as of today 1/21/09.. Tom is my only friend. I don't show up on Genny's either. That is how in control they on my computer and business. I can't really make any important phone calls because as I stated before my phone wiring was re-done and my calls get redirected to their fake call center. For instance I tried calling the Sacramento FBI office and supposedly spoke to the Duty Officer. She treated me very hostile and said she would call the FBI agent to see what he had to say. Something just sounds unprofessional about something so serious being handled that way. I just said "what is he going to say..Yes I am trying to have her "whathaveyou-ed". That is so ridiculous that the duty officer would handle the investigation. I have tried calling AT&T with the initial ticket #175676457. they gave me when I last spoke with them and the call I think they began an investigation when I told them not to because my life was in danger last May. I needed help setting up my router and they began noticing weird things about my account including that my computer was saying I had a 2Wire modem when in fact I have the original Speedstream one they sent me years ago. I can't seem to get through to the real AT&T either. I tried calling the attorney s office for Gloria Alred but I don't believe I am reaching their firm either. Everything in my life is so rigged. I am literally a prisoner. Just this evening they threatened me that they were going to "whathaveyou" me and make it look like a suicide and be charged with manslaughter only.. if any charges at all. This means the sheriffs dept again will be covering for them because in my 9 page complaint regarding all of this it is clearly stated several times that I wish to live and be here for my children. That is the whole point of the complaint and trying to seek help from them. SO HERE IS THE TRUTH... I LOVE MY KIDS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD AND WOULD NOT WANT TO BE APART FROM THEM FOR EVEN A MINUTE. I KNOW THEY NEED ME AND I LOVE LIVING WITH THEM THAT IS WHY I HAVE LOST SLEEP WATCHING MY BACK SO THAT I COULD STILL BE HERE FOR THEM EVEN THOUGH NO ONE ELSE IN MY LIFE EXCEPT FOR GOD HAS REALLY BEEN THERE FOR ME. I AM FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE WITH ALL OF MY MIGHT FOR MY CHILDREN. At this very moment there are 2 or 3 guys down the street to the left of my home because my computer activity is being monitored and apparently they are not happy about it so they are trying to "whathaveyou" me again. I wouldn't have added the update but on the last threat I want everyone to know that absolutely I do not want to die. They said there will be a public outcry but they would get away with it. I will be adding pictures and videos of the attempted murders etc soon if these guys will permit it. JANUARY 22, 2009 UPDATE: THE SHERIFFS JUST CAME BY AGAIN... AND THANK GOD ONCE AGAIN MY NEIGHBOR JOHN WAS HOME WHEN I PHONED. THEY SAID SOME PARENT FROM MY CHILDREN'S SCHOOL CALLED AND WAS WORRIED BECAUSE THEY SAW MY BLOG AND I WAS SAYING I AM GETTING "WHATHAVEYOU-ED. (if that is even true) I said well hopefully not. ALL 3 OF MY CHILDREN AND I HEARD THEM TURN THE KNOB TO MY FRONT DOOR even though I said we were fine and to hold on a minute. My son's 13 year old friend was in the tree house in the front yard and saw with his own eyes they tried to open our door. I don't believe they noticed him prior to trying. They told me it is legal for them to do that. They said they had to see we were fine but they had to already know things were fine when they drove up because all three kids were playing in the front yard while I was watching them in the camera monitor. When they saw the sheriffs pulling up they ran in the house. I asked them once again to take a report and of course they wouldn't. They said I am the only one saying the FBI guy is trying to "whathaveyou" me and I said no I'm not. After they fluffed that off they said what can we do to help and I said to not have anyone from the sheriffs come here anymore because I have asked so many times before and now I am taking it to the public instead. So please no one call the sheriffs again if that is even true. Calling them just gives them more free whacks at "whathavingyou" me. During our conversation he said "if we were trying to kill you we would just bust the door down." That is strange to me that he said that because it makes it almost sound as if he or whomever sent him here read my blog themselves first. After he made that comment I said "I didn't say you were trying to kill me". Anyway, due to the fact that they turned my doorknob after I said we were fine and to hold on a minute, I believe once again they were here for not so good intentions. They told me to take the blog down.. I am sure they would like that. It doesn't sound to good that the people who are suppose to be protecting us have had a hand in the turmoil that my children and I have had to endure. I told them I wasn't going to because I need help. They were not happy at all that I called my neighbor. They treated him very hostile. I know they don't want anyone to protect me that way they can do as they wish. One of the sheriffs said "awh you called him?" I said yes I did. This just goes to prove the FBI guy is so connected... because obviously my 9 page complaint to the Sheriffs internal affairs.. meant nothing and accomplished nothing as far as them being able to come over here to try to take another whack at me. This makes about 8 or 9 times since AT&T caught on. So as of this moment I can't say someone is trying to "whathaveyou" me anymore because they said they would have to come back if I am still saying that. I will change everything above to "whathaveyou" since I can't say the "K" word or they will have more unwarranted visits. I am in a mess.


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